Healthy Webhook Consumption with Rails

by David Underwood

A straightforward guide that will lead you to elegant webhook integrations for your Rails apps for $10.00

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Stop Polling, Start Slinging Webhooks

Webhooks are great. They allow API consumers to replace fixed-schedule, resource-gobbling polling systems with lightweight event listeners. This paradigm shift can be a bit of a hassle though, as the inversion of control flips your code on its head. That's where this book steps up.

What You'll Learn

Healthy Webhook Consumption with Rails will teach you everything you need to know about integrating webhooks into your Rails app. Here's some of the stuff we'll be covering:

  • Why you should use webhooks
  • How to set up webhook subscriptions
  • Webhook consumer architecture
  • Best practices for consuming webhook requests
  • Webhook security
  • Webhooks in a TDD environment
  • Building a tutorial app from scratch with full webhook support
  • Real-world code examples tested against several popular APIs

Pre-Order Details

Early Access.

This book is unfinished. By buying it now you allow me to spend more time each week working on it and decrease the time it takes to release new content. You'll also get early access to the text and source for the book so that you can start benefitting from the content immediately.

Two ways to keep up-to-date.

  1. As I complete each chapter I'll email new versions of the book to all readers.
  2. In addition, everyone that buys a copy will get read access to the git repository I'm using to manage the source. You'll be able to suggest content, raise concerns, ask questions, or simply flag typos if you like.

Formats and (lack of) DRM.

I plan on making the book available in as many formats as humanly possible. PDF, ePub, and plain HTML are already in the works. Additional formats will be added on demand or as I become aware of them.

Oh, and all formats will be DRM free if at all possible. Yay!

Money-Back Guarantee.

I want everyone who reads this book to be 100% satisfied. If you're not happy with it for any reason, email me and I'll issue a full refund with no strings attached.

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About the Author

Hi, I'm David Underwood!

I'm a freelance programming mentor and teacher. I love building Rails apps almost as much as I love teaching others to build Rails apps.

During the 2 years I spent managing the Shopify API I spent a lot of time thinking about and advising people on implementing webhooks for Rails apps. I've finally decided to formalize these thoughts on paper.

I live and work in Ottawa, Canada with my wife and daughter.

Healthy Webhook Consumption with Rails is my first book.

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